Johannes DEBUS

Directeur musical

Canadian Opera Company

​" The encounter with Philippe Forget belongs to one of the most wonderful, rich and impressive experiences of my life. He is one of those people who immediatly bias their ambiance with a special charisma and aura towards them. His impressive personal skills, his enthousiasm, his inspiration, his creativity combined with his enormous skills and experiences as a conductor, make him a remarkable personalitie in the music world. "



​Serge DORNY

Directeur Général

Opéra National de Lyon

" Sa grande sensibilité et son sens de la qualité musicale se traduisent par un travail méticuleux et en profondeur et font de Philippe Forget un artiste qui sait aller au bout des choses. "


Gérard Korsten

Chef principal

Symphonie Orchester Vorarlberg-Bregenz

Directeur musical

London Mozart Players

​" Philippe is a highly talented musician and conductor. His understanding and ability to work with both orchestra musicians and singer is impressive. A very serious person, with fantasy, energy, and a great ability to communicate with his fellow musicians. Philippe Forget will be a great asset to any orchestra, and I forsee a very successful career for him. "